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Friday, February 25, 2011

Sagarika Hot Pics

Women's clothes

Gucci shoes for women, probably all heard about. They clothes, furniture, produce everything! Men and women, perfume and clothing accessories, footwear and outdoor clothing, household products, garments, towels and so on and so forth for clothes for all ages. Gucci shoes women in Holland in 1980, the company established, the men's and women's clothing brand name clothing for Emanuelle mustache makes is generated. In 1986, companies have a brand, which they called for women Gucci shoes have merged. Now the company of more land for women Gucci shoes apparel, accessories and other products and sells more than 9,000 retail stores!
Gucci women's shoes in stores, you can enjoy a variety of products and collections. In - Russia has been to many cities, the stores, so check out as something of interest. Another Spanish brand Mango. In Barcelona in 1984 was the first line of clothing and accessories for women. The company has developed and in 1992 by opening its first store in Portugal has become the world market. These dresses, stylish active women, curvy Versace men's shoes is a tas.
In 2007 the famous Penelope Cruz, the brand before. He, with his sechtroy Monica represents not only the company but also serves as the designers own collection of clothes for Mango! Riot styles, colors, pictures, get famous brand clothing brand. In addition, women's clothing stores you can buy accessories and men's clothes.